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Dimensional Mastery Explained By Carolin and Marina 

In a Beautiful Space in Nature

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Where does the Dimensional Mastery come from?

It is an in-depth seminar of the Mayan Curanderos Traditions. It comes from the teachings that Starr Fuentes - the current holder of this uninterrupted millennial lineage from the Mayans - received from her Master Teacher Esperanza when she studied in Vera Cruz, Mexico for 3 years. 

What does it involve? 

We are now in a new age. The time has come for the third eye energies to manifest.
The human race must leave the limitations it has imposed on what is possible and impossible. The next evolution of the human race will be to break the "laws of the physical plane" to access the consciousness of the "Homo Luminous". 
Most of you have had the experience of eliminating diseases from the body. It is now time to move on to more important things that affect the masses and the well-being of all on this planet

What you will Learn


With teachers Carolin Cordes and Marina Moreau accompanied by Olivier Masson as a Student Teacher, you will have 30 days of unprecedented downloads.  
In this beautiful and magical place, you will practice again and again the dimensions supported by the energy of our planet Mother Earth and nature itself to instill the integration of dimensional mastery in you.  Deep changes will occur at the cellular level of your being, and with focused intention, you will make breakthroughs on the physical plane. You don't need to have faith because at the end of the seminar, the experiences themselves will have convinced you.

  • With these powerful facilitators, you will discover the untapped powers of the mind and spirit. As vast as they are, they pale in comparison to the untapped power of the soul.  The human race must abandon its self-imposed limitations of possibilities and impossibilities.  We are rapidly evolving into an advanced state of being and soon the old paradigm of what we knew to be the laws of the physical plane will be shattered.  This is essential for our growth in this century.
  • It has been prophesied many times that in this century we will see a difference in the way we move from place to place.  The way we elect an official will move to a level based on truth and integrity.  We will clean up pollution.  We will change the justice system.  With extensive training in dimensional mastery and deep personal work, we are positioned to be at the forefront of this change.

Are you ready for the new? 

More Precisely

 Topics of Study 

Dimensions ~144

And also special dimensions
Deep Earth connection through group work 
Shamanic tools and techniques
Energy ~ New Perspectives ~ Practicality in your daily life 
Personal Work 
Phenomena ~ WOW !  
Time Space Continuum
Universal Laws
High Magic ~ Several Traditions
Environmental Impact 

Dimensional Mastery Class Content 

We have a total of 30 days 
Full day classes including  worshops  
30 Evening Classes and  Days of Special Events. 
You will receive:
Data and PowerPoint Presentations


You will receive a certificate of completion after you finish the course.