One month is the time it takes for the moon to circle the earth. Likewise, it's the time it takes to free ourselves from one pattern and adopt a new one. Our world is changing, thanks to new physical energies that are turning everything upside down, just as electricity revolutionized the last century.
Soon, we'll be experiencing and feeling these new energies. They will bring us unprecedented clarity as we adapt to higher vibrations, higher dimensional states. Once we've mastered them and understood their interaction with the laws of physics, we'll achieve dimensional mastery.
Once in 144 dimensions, all classical physical laws become obsolete, and the impossible becomes possible. The shamans of indigenous tribes have known about these dimensional states for a long time, but their knowledge was kept secret. Today, we are fortunate enough to have access to this knowledge.
Our spiritual evolution has progressed as far as the throat chakra, enabling us to communicate instantly wherever we are. Dimensional mastery will be the next tool to emerge in this century. It will transform fairy tales into reality and enable us to cleanse the environment with the energies of the third eye.
Join this extraordinary adventure and explore the infinite possibilities of dimensional states! 

Look at the pictures and feel the energy of Dimensions