The Lineage Holder

Starr Fuentes

Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Shaman
Starr has been working with energy and vibrations for decades. She has taught over 10,000 people. Her ability to see around and into others gives her the capacity to guide others into their Personal Mastery. Starr’s experiences studying in 13 countries and receiving 52 certifications gives her the wisdom to know what vibrations are lacking or what needs to be enhanced. Working with Starr’s frank, open, and unique energies gives you insight, motivation, and recognition of your power.

Starr's teaching style is animated, dynamic, direct, and full of life. Her years of experience give her a unique perspective on teaching the fundamental issues of humanity. She understands the process of the unfolding of the self as it learns through teaching. In her classes, Starr conveys vast volumes of information in a concise and simple manner. She has increased and deepened the skills and understanding of all her students. For more details information on Starr visit her web site at

DM 2024 - Teachers

Carolin CORDES

DM Teacher

is a 25th generation master teacher in the lineage of Master Curandera Starr Fuentes. Carolin supports her clients in gaining clarity about their life path. Gently, she opens layer upon layer of blockages and obstacles, releasing that which is hindered or frozen. Her knowledge and wisdom are also rooted in her being an alternative health practitioner and physical therapist. Carolin's teaching style in seminars and workshops consistently receives positive feedback. Participants love her lively, powerful and dynamic style. Carolin offers individual sessions, business coaching and large seminars such as Dimensional Mastery, Divine Intervention, The 7 Lost Lights, Light Language and other wonderful energy techniques. She lives the ancient teachings integrated into her modern world. 


DM Teacher
Teacher and Healer of a lineage from Mexico that has been uninterrupted for more than 24 generations, Marina combines shamanic, energetic and spiritual knowledge. 
Following a training course with her Spiritual Master Starr Fuentes, she now has many teachings to her credit that she shares with passion. 
Trained in therapy and coaching as well as using her psychic and intuitive abilities, she leads you with love and honesty to reconnect with your body, your heart, your soul to reconnect with your personal power.
A rebel herself for many years, she helps you with ease to move beyond all your limitations and to set healthy boundaries in your life
Very much in touch with the energy of Gaia (Mother Earth) and the Divine Mother, she uses dimensional keys to bring you clarity and transformation. She helps you to open the doors to your inner self in consciousness with wisdom, dynamism and humor.

Our Assistant Teacher 

Olivier Masson

DM Assistant

Healer and Teacher from a thousand year old lineage of Curanderos from Mexico and Guide of Shamanic Ceremonies, Olivier accompanies and guides you to the discovery of your capacities and potentials.
His connection to the ancestors and the elements of nature make him a powerful multidimensional catalyst, opening the doors to your innermost being and allowing you to enter into co-creation with the whole. 
Olivier has extensive knowledge in Shamanism, notably as a Sudation Hut guide, Vision Quest guide, Sacred Drum making guide and many healing techniques such as the Recovery of Soul Fragments, the 12 Mastery Initiations, freeing oneself from Cords and Attachments, Clearing Harmful Energies... He brings you with all his tools in complete safety to find your innate strength and to pass through the obstacles that hinder your evolution.